VHT Conversation Bridge®

The Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) Conversation Bridge is a multichannel callback solution that connects customers with customer service specialists, after they’ve reached a dead-end on self-help channels like Web pages and mobile apps.


Most customer interactions start online with self-service applications on Web pages, in mobile apps, or even on social networking sites. Often times, however, customers exhaust these resources without finding a solution to their problem. When this happens, they’re forced to call the help center and start the entire process over again.


VHT Conversation Bridge integrates Web pages and mobile apps with existing intelligent call routing, VoIP and CTI systems, so customers who start an interaction online can get a quick and easy callback, instead of having to dial a toll free number.

Integration with a company’s existing systems determines resource availability, so they can post expected callback times on Web pages and inside mobile apps. The customer can then choose between the first available callback, or schedule one at their convenience.

When it’s the customer’s turn to speak with an agent, the VHT Conversation Bridge triggers a callback to the customer, and confirms they’re on the line. The system works in concert with an intelligent call routing platform, and transfers them to a real person in a timely fashion.

Companies save the cost and time associated with having the customer repeat information they already provided during self-service, making conversations are quicker and more successful. Utilizing the contextual data gathered in the self-help channels makes every interaction more efficient – which leads to more productivity and happier customers.

How it Works

How VHT Conversation Bridge Works

It’s not just a callback. It’s multichannel callback with context that integrates with existing contact center infrastructure for seamless routing and reporting.

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) Conversation Bridge connects to existing customer service applications and infrastructure in three ways:

  1. Application connectors help add VHT experiences to self-service applications in any channel. These include pre-built voice applications, libraries to power mobile development, sample applications, and more. These are all powered through standard Web services interfaces, allowing for flexibility and extension to meet unique needs.
  2. Contact center connectors allow the VHT Conversation Bridge to understand when people are available to talk, calculate an expected wait time, and integrate with back-end systems like screen pop and routing.
  3. Web-based management and reporting interfaces give customer service professionals the ability to understand and control the VHT experience.

Application connectors: Creating a great experience

For voice applications, VHT Conversation Bridge offers a wide variety of integration options, including VoiceXML applications for VXML 2.1 compliant voice browsers. If another integration approach is required, VHT Conversation Bridge comes pre-packaged with its own simple IVR application that integrates with both TDM and SIP environments.

VHT Conversation Bridge also provides a Web service interface and libraries for iOS, Android, and other platforms. These give developers straightforward set of tools for adding callback to apps on the Web, in smartphones, on social networks, on television consoles, agent desktops and more.

Connecting to your communications infrastructure

VHT Conversation Bridge connects to the most popular contact center systems from Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, and others. This allows the system to pass data about your customer’s needs into the contact center from any communication channel – and gives companies the ability to leverage that data in call routing decisions and screen pops to agents.

Managing and measuring

VHT’s suite of reports and metrics focus specifically on multi-channel callback applications. Data is collected for every interaction, giving customer service professionals visibility into the performance and ROI of the VHT Conversation Bridge solution, as well as the performance of their customer service organization. All of VHT Conversation Bridge’s business rules and reports are managed through a single, Web-based user interface.

Omni-Channel Callback

Omni-Channel Callback with Conversation Bridge

This might be the Internet age, but customers haven’t stopped calling.

Businesses still need to handle inbound calls. And when they do, it’s vital that they give their customers a consistently positive experience. VHT Conversation Bridge helps eliminate the most frequent consumer gripes – waiting on hold and repeating information – by offering estimated wait times and callbacks to consumers when those wait times are high.

Mobile “Contact Us” doesn’t cut it.

When mobile users need to talk with someone, the last thing they want to deal with is a toll-free number and a voice menu that forces them to repeat themselves over and over. With VHT Conversation Bridge, mobile users can see the expected wait time and request a callback. Customer service reps get all the information about the customer’s needs. Now that’s an experience worthy of the name smartphone.

It’s not social if we can’t talk.

Many companies invite their customers to like them Facebook or follow them on Twitter. But what happens when those fans need help? Let them send profile info with a callback request using VHT Conversation Bridge. After all, what are friends for?

Moving from a web page to a real person should be easy.

Most customers go to a Web page for answers and info first. But after searching the site, they may end up at a dead end. Don’t make them dial a toll-free number and start all over. Use VHT Conversation Bridge and let customers see the expected wait time and periods of availability, so they can request either an ASAP or scheduled callback.

Get comfy. Request a callback with the press of a button.

We’ve seen it happen with mobile, and we’ll see it again in the living room: Apps will soon dominate the TV. Whether it’s an Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, Blu-Ray player, Roku, Apple TV or cable box, these channels are the next generation of communication. Never dial a toll free number again. VHT Conversation Bridge lets customers sit back and use their remote control to request a callback.

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Features and Benefits

Integration with contact center systems

Improves the customer service experience and operational efficiency by enabling context data to be passed from any channel to routing and screen pop systems.

Standardized Web-service approach

Enables quick development time without your having to worry about the mechanics/complexity of telephony.

Advanced reporting

  • Measures system performance
  • Provides clear ROI metrics for the VHT solution
  • Helps business stakeholders and IT support staff rapidly identify and correct problems

Connectors to customer interaction platforms (mobile, Web, social, voice and consoles)

Lets businesses rapidly add VHT experiences to the interaction platforms their customers use without dealing with complex systems integration. Includes templates and best practices for presenting callback features.

Smart business rules

Dynamically changes the callback options presented to consumers based on the availability of customer service staff. Prevents queues from becoming overloaded.

Accurate estimated wait time

Sets accurate expectations with consumers.

ASAP and scheduled callback

  • Allows consumers to choose the best time to talk to someone.
  • Enables businesses to direct callback volume to times when they’re best able to meet the need.

Here’s how VHT Conversation Bridge can help:

Customer acquisition

A sound marketing budget and cutting-edge tactics are required to stay ahead of the competition. Utilizing VHT Conversation Bridge to streamline the acquisition process achieves more with less.

Customer engagement

In today’s hyper-connected culture, customers have the power. Shopping, buying and researching are a daily occurrence, and the answer to your company’s brand loyalty riddle is customer engagement.

Customer retention

It costs far less to retain your best customers than to acquire new ones. Every company needs a customer loyalty strategy if it expects to have a sustainable business.

Use Cases

VHT Conversation Bridge Use Cases

Basic Account Management(financial services, communications, retail)

Offer a Conversation Bridge when customers run into trouble, or have questions related to an account management task, such as:

  • Changing their address or phone number
  • Adding new product or service to their existing list of things
  • Checking their usage
  • Checking eligibility for an upgrade or for other products
  • Converting points into rewards
  • Checking status of an order or a delivery
  • Asking questions about fees or transactions on statements

Tech Support(retail, high-tech, communications)

Offer a Conversation Bridge to customers when:

  • They have answered all of the basic troubleshooting questions and still need help
  • When this is the first time they are calling with a technical problem
  • They have posted a question and have not gotten a response from the community

Online Commerce(retail, travel, high-tech, communications)

Offer a Conversation Bridge to customers when:

  • They have items in their shopping cart for an extended period of time
  • They place an order that doesn’t make sense, based on their past activity
  • They downgrade services or products
  • Welcoming them after their very first purchase
  • The discount or promo code isn’t working correctly
  • Their account is not credited or debited properly

Application Process/Form Submission(financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail, government)

Offer a Conversation Bridge to customers when:

  • They are not sure how many years of history they need to document
  • They are unclear because they don’t understand the terms
  • They seem fatigued because the form is only partially filled out for a certain amount of time
  • They are concerned about the security of the sensitive data they are providing
  • There is not enough room in the field to fill in all the information

Reservation Management(travel, hospitality)

Offer a Conversation Bridge to customers when:

  • A reservation or flight has been cancelled
  • An upgrade is available
  • An oversold situation has emerged
  • A flight is delayed and a connection will be missed
  • Converting points into rewards or upgrades
  • The discount or promo code isn’t working correctly

Proactive Outbound Notifications(retail, travel, financial services, communications)

Offer a Conversation Bridge to customers when:

  • They’ve abandoned the shopping cart or the Web page
  • After receiving an alert about the status of their account
  • Following up after a completed transaction
  • Following up after an incomplete transaction
  • An account is past due
  • An account has been cancelled
  • Service has been downgraded
  • A flight or order has been cancelled